Friday and Saturday

Public Hours Open Play All games must be finished by the time below.
No refunds or discounts for partially played games.
Sunday–Thursday sales end at 9:00pm. Games must be finished by 10:00pm
Friday–Saturday sales end at 10:30pm. Games must be finished by Midnight.

Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic fun beings every Friday & Saturday 7pm – Midnight

Bowling Leagues

Bowling Leagues

Winter & Summer Leagues are available at the Bowling Center for everyone

Express Pizza

Express Pizza

Express Pizza is your fast-casual restaurant-quality pizza, which offers Deep Dish Crust, and features specialty toppings. Seven different pizzas are available for a premium price and three different sizes are available including seven and eight-inch pizzas both less than $6 and 14-inch pizzas less than $12.

Pro Shop
Services & Pricing

Pro Shop Hours
Monday-Friday 11am-6pm

  • Finger Insert: $5
  • Thumb Solid: $15
  • Turbo Grip Inner Slug: $20
  • Turbo Grip Outer Sleeve: $20
  • Vise IT Thumb Inner Slug: $20
  • Vise IT Thumb Out/In Sleeve: $20
  • Plug Thumb or Finger Only: $25
  • Plug Ball (3 Hole for Redrilling): $50
  • Resurface Ball: $30
  • Ball Sanding/Polishing: $15
  • Ball Drilling: $30
  • Adjust Hole: $5
    (price may vary depending on the number of adjustments needed)
  • Drill Adjustment: $5
    (price may vary depending on the number of holes needed)
  • Oil Extraction: $20
The Virgin River
Bowling Center

Bowling Rates
Per Game $4.50
Shoe Rental $5.00
Cosmic Bowling $5.00
Friday & Saturday
7pm – Midnight

My Shot Bowling $20/HR
Reservation Pricing Per Lane
Weekdays $40/HR
Weekends $60/HR
Hours of Operation
Sunday-Thursday: 8am–10pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am-Midnight



Director of Bowling